Why You Should Have Representation

Out of nowhere, a disaster strikes your home, which disrupts your life. One of the first concerns is how fast you can recover from the damage? Will your insurance policy take care of the losses? You probably have many questions swirling through your mind while also worrying about ensuring your insurance claim is thorough enough […]

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Law Offices of William Roe, P.A. discusses what you should do if your home was damaged by fire.

What Do I Do If My Home Is Damaged by Fire?

Fire is an ever-looming threat and it can have devastating consequences. Your home can be quickly destroyed by a fast-spreading fire. The sight of all of your home and all of your personal property being turned to ash is emotionally overwhelming. On top of this, you will have to plan for things like where you […]

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Your Property and Hurricane Damage

It is the peak of hurricane season, which runs from the beginning of June until the end of November. There are around 11-12 named storms each year and about two are usually major ones. As all Floridians keep track of weather patterns more so this time of year than usual, you should be prepared for […]

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The Law Offices of William Roe, P.A. discusses the best time to resolve your property damage claim.

Time to Resolve Property Damage Claim

Here in Florida, we are in the middle of hurricane season. This is the time of year of heavy rains, flood risks, and high winds. Houses are flooded. Roofs are damaged by debris or high winds. If you have sustained damage to your property, you are probably wondering when your property damage claim will be […]

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