Your Property and Hurricane Damage

It is the peak of hurricane season, which runs from the beginning of June until the end of November. There are around 11-12 named storms each year and about two are usually major ones. As all Floridians keep track of weather patterns more so this time of year than usual, you should be prepared for the possibility that a hurricane will head your way. You should also be aware of what to do should your property sustain hurricane damage. A hurricane is a powerful and destructive force of nature. The devastation a hurricane can have on whole communities can happen quickly.

What Do You Do When Your Property Sustains Hurricane Damage?

A hurricane can sweep through an area quickly and leave tragedy in its wake. Looking around at what has become of your property after hurricane-force winds, severe rains, and flooding comes through can take a serious emotional toll and leave you feeling anxious about what’s going to happen next. Knowing you have a homeowner’s insurance policy in place can be of some comfort. However, know that recovering under this policy can be an uphill battle. While you may have been dedicated to making timely monthly payments to your homeowner’s insurance company, you will probably be disappointed to learn that insurance companies will find any excuse to try and get out of paying you less than what you deserve or anything at all.

First thing’s first, if your property has sustained damage, be safe. As you are going through your property, be aware of hazards such as exposed power lines or broken tree branches. Report the downed power lines to the proper authorities. Avoid wading through any remaining floodwater as there may be dangerous contaminants and debris. Mitigate any further damage to your property by cleaning and drying out things where you can to prevent any mold developing. Repair damages that you can and cover up any damaged property to prevent anything else from happening and to make it safe from others.

For purposes of preserving your insurance claim, document everything. Take pictures of your property. This means taking pictures of your house and your yard. Take broad shots from far away and more up close, detailed shots. As you take pictures, make an inventory list of all damaged property. You will want to submit all of this to your insurance company. File your claim as soon as you can. Relay any actions you have taken to mitigate further damage to your property to the claims specialist handling your case.

Florida Property Damage Claim Attorney

Seeing your property in utter devastation after a hurricane is a terrible situation to face. The Law Office of William J. Roe is here to help you get things back in order and help you recover what you are owed from the insurance company. Contact us today.