Florida Flood Damage Attorney

For nearly a decade, the Law Office of William J. Roe, P.A. has been providing superior flood damage assistance to individuals, families, and business owners throughout South Florida. Because the region is especially susceptible to hurricanes, many residents have had their properties seriously damaged by flood damage, resulting from both wind-driven rain and storm surges. While you, like most practical Floridians, probably carry adequate flood insurance, you may find it much more difficult than you expected to collect the settlement you are owed when disaster strikes. 

When your insurer delays or denies your claim, it is more than an inconvenience. By putting their profit margin above your physical and financial stability, they may leave you without the safe environment necessary for returning to normal home life or restarting a business, forcing you from the premises and leaving you in debt. 

Housing Costs Incurred Through Flood Damage

If your home has been so seriously damaged that it is uninhabitable, you will not only have to come up with funds to pay for a hotel or apartment rental but you will undoubtedly have to replace some of the following personal effects, including:

  • Clothing
  • Medications
  • Toiletries
  • School supplies
  • Pet supplies

This does not include the costs of extensive cleanup, structural, plumbing, and electrical repairs, not to mention the purchase of furnishings, flooring, painting, appliances, and linens lost in the flood. Professionals will also be needed to make sure any problems with mold and/or mildew are addressed so that you and your loved ones remain healthy.

Small Business Costs Incurred Through Flood Damage

If it is your office that has taken the hit, the expenses you incur may be even greater, and may include:

  • Rental of temporary store, office, or storage space
  • Replacement of inventory
  • Office equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Storage space

You will also have to pay for cleanup, damaged or ruined flooring or carpeting, electrical and plumbing repairs, structural repairs and professional removal or any mold or mildew.

Getting You the Flood Damage Settlement You Deserve Is Our Job

If you want to be proactive in making sure your flood damage claim will be dealt with properly, or if your insurance company is already showing signs of inefficiency or obstruction, now is the time to call William J. Roe. We have the experience, in-depth knowledge, and tactical skills to negotiate your property damage claim aggressively on your behalf. With our help, you stand a much better chance of receiving every bit of insurance reimbursement you deserve.

What exactly is flood damage?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defines flood damage as a “general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow.” In determining flood zones, insurers typically refer to topographical maps indicating lowlands, floodplains and floodways susceptible to flooding, and areas that were once considered outside of flood zones are increasingly threatened.

Whether or not your property is within a flood zone, if you live anywhere in South Florida it is wise to purchase flood courage. Don’t depend on your homeowner’s policy to help you if your property is flooded. While certain flooding that results from storms and hurricane winds can be covered as part of your homeowner’s insurance (such as when high winds tear off the roof and flooding results), you don’t want to leave your insurer the option to nitpick when your property and belongings hang in the balance.

How Insurers Try To Prevent You From Receiving Your Full Settlement

It is important to remember that insurance companies are always watching their bottom line so you need a competent legal professional to watch yours. At William J. Roe, we know all the tactics insurers are likely to use to deny a claim, such as declaring that:

  • The loss you have suffered is not included in your policy 
  • The damage you are claiming is exaggerated
  • Your actual damage falls below your policy’s deductible

We are well-equipped to argue their false statements by deciphering the legalese of the policy in question and by proving the value of your losses through professional appraisals and quotes on repairs. Moreover, we know how to fight back if you insurer engages in bad faith by:

  • Failing to investigate your claim in a prompt and thorough manner
  • Unreasonably misinterpreting the wording of their own insurance policy
  • Deliberately offering a lowball settlement
  • Concealing pertinent facts about your claim
  • Altering the terms of your insurance policy without notifying you

We are ready to file a civil injury lawsuit if we discover that your insurer has committed any of the above offenses.

How William J. Roe Will Win You the Maximum Settlement

Once you become a client of William J. Roe, you can rest assured that our savvy attorneys will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you are fully compensated for all that you have lost in the flood. We know what strategies your insurer is likely to use to get out from under being held accountable to pay you the money you need. 

Your insurance company may try, for example, to prove that mold damage that resulted from the flood predated the storm and was caused by a leaky pipe. The adjuster may also attempt to prove that your negligence during clean-up exacerbated the problem. Our flood damage attorneys know how to respond to these arguments. 

We always try first to negotiate a reasonable settlement in order to save you time and court costs. If your insurer won’t budge, however, we are fully prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf. You can depend on the fact that we are formidable opponents during litigation, with a track record of success to prove it.

Don’t Wait for the Next Tropical Storm or Hurricane to Purchase Flood Insurance

Gambling that your home or business will not be flooded during the next storm is a risk you should not take in Southern Florida. Realistically, however, you will need more than flood insurance to come out of a serious storm able to get yourself, your family, and/or your business back on track. You will need the services of a sharp property damage attorney.  

Underwater? Contact the Law Office of William J. Roe

If you are going through the miserable aftermath of a flood, don’t hesitate to call our office and arrange for one of our highly qualified attorneys to help you receive a maximum insurance claim. We are here for you when you need it most, ready to support you until you obtain the resources you are entitled to.