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The Law Office of William J. Roe, P.A. offers premium service to clients throughout South Florida who have suffered property damage, including hail damage. Because Florida, in spite of its glowing reputation as the Sunshine State, suffers sudden changes in weather and powerful storms, its residents are occasionally troubled by hailstorms that sometimes thunderstorms. Surprisingly, although Florida is not one of the states most prone to hailstorms, it has suffered at least a dozen hailstorms in which hail accumulated to a depth of more than 3 inches.

If you are a property owner in South Florida and have had hail damage, our highly skilled attorneys have the experience to help you get your insurance claim filed and processed in the most efficient way possible. If your insurance company is uncooperative and refuses to settle your legitimate claim for restitution, we also have the capability and legal clout to fight for your rights in a court of law. During our 7 years as a property damage law firm, we have established a track record of success for clients just like you.

What exactly is hail? 

During thunderstorms, raindrops are sometimes carried by updrafts into extremely cold parts of the atmosphere where they freeze. If the updraft weakens, or the frozen droplets become too heavy for the wind to support, the frozen droplets fall to earth as hailstones. Hailstones enlarge as they continue to be lifted by updrafts and collide with other droplets which then also freeze.

Depending on the nature of the storm that generates them, hailstones can travel at speeds anywhere from 9 to 100 miles per hour, and can be tiny balls of ice, marble-sized pellets, or the size of grapefruits! 

What Our Law Office Will Do To See To It That You Obtain Fair Compensation

We know very well how frustrating it is to pay insurance premiums for many years and then find that when it comes time to make a claim, your insurance company is resistant to paying you what you are rightfully entitled to. Contrary to the protective image the company projected during purchase, they now seem only to be interested in protecting their bottom line. This is where the Law Office of William J. Roe comes to the rescue. 

We have the insight and know-how to check over your insurance policy with a fine-tooth comb and clarify all the specific details for you in plain English. In addition, we will gather all necessary paperwork and assist you in documenting all property damage by taking careful inventory, photographing all damage, having all necessary repairs and replacements evaluated by trusted professionals, and obtaining realistic repair estimates. All the while, you can trust us to stand firmly between you and the insurance company, doing all the negotiating with the claims adjuster and fighting aggressively for your cause.

If the insurance company denies your claim, the adjuster has to be able to demonstrate that the denial is based on restrictions clearly stated in your policy. Don’t worry, your insurance company will not be able to pull the wool over our eyes. We have been through such attempted deceptions before; we will fight to make sure that you and your family receive every dollar promised to you the day you bought the policy.

Types of Property Damage Hail Can Cause

Though short hailstorms with tiny balls of ice may seem a welcome relief during a heatwave, the fact is that hailstorms can cause an enormous amount of damage in a very short time. The property damage you experience in a hailstorm will fluctuate according to how long the weather event lasted and how large the hailstones grew. Such damage may include:

  • Dents or breakage of your car, motorcycle, truck, or boat (while it is on your property)
  • Destruction of your roof shingles or underlying structures like your attic
  • Broken windows or skylights
  • Cracks in walls, siding, gutters
  • Moisture damage if hailstones open cracks into your home
  • Harm to your garage, deck, and “surrounding structures,” (e.g. greenhouse, gazebo, shed, fence)
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Garden (e.g. flowers, shrubs, trees)

Things You Need To Know About Hail Damage

[1]  It should be noted that, in most cases, you will have to have extra coverage on your homeowner’s policy if you want things like playground equipment, swimming pools, grills and hot tubs to be covered. 

[2]  Also, your homeowner’s property will only cover your boat while the vessel is on your property, not during use on public waterways 

[3]  Your auto insurance will only cover the cost of repairing hail damage if you have comprehensive coverage.

[4]   Almost all insurance policies have deductibles — amounts that you will have to pay out-of-pocket before your claim will cover damages. Be aware that if you’re paying a lower premium, you may have a higher deductible.

[5]  Cosmetic damage that does not impact the integrity of your home’s structure and does not impact its functionality is not covered by most insurers.

In matters of this kind, it is wise to consult with our attorneys about which particular types of property insurance you need to protect yourself in the event of hailstorms or other storm damage prior to having to make a claim. Surprises of this kind can be devastating, emotionally as well as financially.

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Make a Fool of You — Contact William J. Roe Today

The major way insurance companies make large profits is by taking in much more than they payout. For you, this, unfortunately, means that your insurance adjuster is not your friend, but your opponent. Make sure you don’t get taken advantage of —  Call on our hail damage attorneys, you will have a savvy team of allies to protect you in your time of need.